AmeriFirst Debit Cards

AmeriFirst debit cards are issued by Mastercard, which means you will likely have  acceptance at any location accepting Visa/Mastercard worldwide.

Debit cardholders have electronic access to all their bank accounts attached to their cards and, unlike credit and charge cards, payments using a debit card are immediately transferred from your account. Our debit cards also allow for instant withdrawal of cash from any AmeriFirst bank branch location.

AmeriFirst Bank is a member of the STAR network, Cirrus Network, Pulse Network and PLUS Networks, which offers cardholders access to ATM facilities throughout the United States.

After Hours Debit Card Services: 1.866.546.8273

Customers and Bank Representatives may cancel a customer’s debit card for any number of reasons (Account abuse, customer doesn’t want it any more, card lost, account closed, possible fraud, compromise, etc.). Cards may be cancelled by:
  • Calling bank 334-738-2060 or 888-238-3990 or 800-298-1763
  • Once an account is closed, the Bank’s ATM/Debit card is automatically cancelled by Bank Representative. If the card is cancelled due to compromise, fraud, theft or loss the customer must contact a Bank representative in order to get a new card. There may be a charge for a new card depending on circumstances. Cost, if any, are subject to Bank fee schedule.
  • Via the AmeriFirst Bank Mobile App
  • Calling any Branch location
  • Calling the number on the back of the ATM/Debit Card 866-546-8273

Let us help by calling 1.800.298.1763 or visiting one of our five locations.