Avoiding Many Types of Malware

September, 2018 Volume 13, Issue 9 Avoiding Many Types of Malware From the desk of Thomas F. Duffy, MS-ISAC Chair Every day as we use our devices, browse the Internet, and open emails, we are also exposing those devices to potential malware (malicious software). Malware is any software that is designed to cause [...]

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Staying Secure While Shopping

November 2018 Volume 13, Issue 11 Staying Secure While Shopping Online Making #CyberMonday #CyberSecure It is that time of year where so many people prepare to purchase gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. Though it can be convenient to avoid the lines and rush for that latest Black Friday deal by shopping [...]

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What You Need to Know About Covid-19 Scams

Volume 15, Issue 4 • Apr. 2020 Monthly Security Tips Newsletter What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Scams Taking advantage of current events is a common tactic that cybercriminals use to fuel their malicious activities. With the global pandemic of COVID-19 and an overwhelming desire for the most current information, it can be [...]

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Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness Identity theft is becoming one of the fastest growing crimes in America. At AmeriFirst Bank, we take the safeguarding of your information seriously. In fact, we believe keeping your information safe and secure is every employee's responsibility. We also encourage you to take steps in protecting your personal information. No [...]

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Mobile Device Security Tips

Some Mobile Device Security Tips Use of security software is a must. Some programs can also locate a missing or stolen phone, tablet or other similar device, while others will back up your data and can even remotely wipe all data from the phone if it is reported stolen. Definitely make sure you [...]

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